Take-away show(-like): Between These Walls

Here is the “Take-away Show” we shot earlier this month. We “stole” (or were inspired by?) the concept from lablogotheque.net, a french website. There are several principles, in order to make a video that is like an anti-high budget polished, 12-cameras, but still a little bit interesting. One of them is making only one sequence shot for the whole song. A second one is choosing an unexpected place to shoot and use it as it is, without moving/bringing stuff.

Mark Olexa was filming Seb and myself. We shot/played the song live in a bathroom. Seb used the toilets, the dustbin, the shower and a tambourine as percussion. The song I choosed to play is “Between These Walls”, which is my LP second track of part 1 of the album. It was a lot of fun making the video.

Mark edited it, worked on the grain, the tones, etc and here’s the result.


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