Residency @smem, with rare and vintage synths

I won a 3-day residency at the Swiss Museum for Electronic Music (SMEM). I spend those days there last week and it’s been music heaven to say the least. I planned to record at least 3 tracks. I actually did 6 tracks, as I was so inspired by those rare and vintage synths. I used among others a Yamaha CS-50, a Moog Prodigy, a Roland Jupiter-4, a Roland Juno-60, a Roland TR-808 rhythm box, a Pin Portebella (actually a clone from the Synthi VS30) and a Korg MonoPoly.
I also visited the vaults, in which I found an original Mellotron, some vintage tape Echos, many Sequential Circuits Prophets among the 1000+ electronic instruments stored there.

Here are a few pictures from this awesome residency. Thank you so much SMEM, I had a blast!