Recording Diary #5: here comes mixing

The recording of the new album comes to an end. Thanks to all the nice and kind folks who participated with me in this adventure: Gerry Leonard on electric guitars, Pascal Wagner on drums, Stéphanie Jungo and Delphine Richard on violins, Pamela Sue Mann on backing vocals, Michel Perriard on saxophones and Amélie Charbon on harp.

I’ve always dreamt about having a strings section on songs with distorted and atmospheric guitars, analog synths and different kinds of keyboards. Eight of the twelve tracks have strings and each song explores a different soundscape.

It is currently being mixed in NY by Kevin Killen (who engineered/mixed some of my favorite albums) and Gerry Leonard, and in Fribourg by Sacha Love Ruffieux.

It is exciting to hear the first mixed songs, I’m looking forward to sharing them with you in 2017!

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