Almost out

The record is almost ready for the factory. I can’t wait.  The musician/rec engineer I’ve worked with has yet to finalize the master.
Recording with him, this way, was definitively a cool ride.
No song (except a couple of items) was arranged before recording in the studio. The idea was thinking & arranging while recording. I was fed up with intellectualizing every note, line, performance.
We decided to play everything ourselves. Because this is how rock music works: our limits make our style. Because in the end we all use the same f chord progressions, instruments, gear. So we played guitars, keyboards, bass, drums (!well we tried to), laptop. We basically completed one song a day.  I’ve often finished lyrics behind the mic. It’s just crazy how you can be instictive when you work like that. Because at first I wondered if the lyrics would dramatically suffer from that.
So 10 days, 10 songs. But easily 15 days of mixing. And 5 masters. Mastering starting last september and modified when there was time to listen/write comments/think.

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