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Oh yes and the theme of my new record is the “social mirror”. That’s why it’s called Perspectives. (Not only because of Gehry’s building on the cover).
By the way the picture hasn’t been deformed, the building’s really like that. Gehry’s the architect who recently build the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. Interesting work, but he’s not one of my favorite, though I really like what he did in Prague.
What are your favorite architects by the way? Just post your answers on the comment page if you feel like.

3 thoughts on “Album theme

  1. Well, if you fancy Gehry’s building, you may of course be already aware of the famous Hundertwasser House in Vienna (, as well as Gaudí’s cathedral in Barcellona, but my uncle did build something along the shores of Geneva’s Lake that we decided to nickname “Le Bateau ivre” (which is *also* an Atelier in Montmartre, we know), and all I can say: it really deserves its name!

    Imagine sitting on your, erm, privy at ground level and being able to see the sky through a window in the roof… three stores up! 🙂

    And I should point out my own father, as he is an architect. But just for the sake of your question: Le Corbusier and Mario Botta (first periods anyway) count amongst my favourites.

  2. Cool, I didn’t know you had architects in your family! My father’s also an architect. He has this theory about the 5 most important architects of the XXth century: Wright, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Eames and oh lord I forgot the last one. I have to ask him!

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