2 new dudes and a an attempt at coherence

banjo, dobro, jaguar

Hey look at what someone lent me: two new dudes in the house, a banjo et a resonator guitar. I’ve been recording some ukulele and banjo and did some mixing. So far I have 10 songs for the folk album and 9 tunes for the electric record. I keep on working and concentrating. I’ll probably still compose and record a few songs for each album. Then I’ll choose what I’ll put or reject for the final records. Or maybe I’ll keep every track, I’ll see if every tune is coherent with each album. For me, an album is not a pile of songs put on one cd, but something that show (an) intention(s)/attempt(s).

I’m glad I have some time to 100% invest on this process. Composing and recording are among the things I love the most in life.

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